Mak erot Health Tourism for Vital Equipment – Mak erot Health Tourism for Vital Equipment

Mak Erot’s treatment is a journey to maintain health, making foreign tourists and local people look for Mak Erot Clinic.

Even though Mak Erot is gone, one of the people who will inherit what Mak Erot knows is the grandson of the deceased. Namely Hajj Saefulloh or Hajj Ulloh

“If it’s a medical problem, because there are many who need it, it must be continued,” said Haji Ulloh referring to his grandmother’s message, when met at his clinic on Jalan Purbaya 5 Tanah Tinggi, Central Jakarta,

Haji Ulloh explained that the medicine inherited from Mak Erot was a combination of prayer and herbal medicine. “From 12 (centimeters) to 18 (centimeters) normal. If it’s good, 20 centimeters. Once finished, said Haji Ulloh. After treatment, the patient must fast for 3 days without having sex. Also, you can’t eat long eggplants, smooth bananas, and areca nut.

Even though many people are somewhat doubtful, in fact this alternative medicine is still a subscription for some enthusiasts, in fact it is still selling well to this day. Extending size up to 18 cm is currently most in demand, whereas if requesting size more than 20 cm, patient must make an agreement.

H Syaefulloh admitted that 70% of male patients came to see him to enlarge the vital organs and fertility matters. Patients can specify the desired size by selecting the Reflica copy provided. “Sizes 17 and 18 cm are in great demand. If the size is 3.5-4.5 cm. There are also those who ask for up to 20cm or more, but of course we ask for an agreement if anything happens it is not Pak Haji’s responsibility,” said Syaefulloh who is familiarly called Pak Haji.

The contract letter is included for those who want a size of 20 cm and above because Pak Haji does not recommend that size. “For Indonesian women whose waists are smaller than Westerners, the larger part will hurt,” she said. Pak Haji even said that his grandmother, who was a famous healer, Mak Erot, often had problems because of the unrecommended size.

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At that time the patient asked for a length to be 23 cm. A few days later, he came to ask to be reduced again with his wife, whose hip was cracked and her vagina was torn, so she got 12 stitches. “So, if the goal is to satisfy women, 12cm in length is good for the average Indonesian. If it’s wide, about 3.5-4.5cm is good. If someone asks to be made one inch longer or about 20cm, of course the aim is to satisfy themselves, and that will hurt each other,” said Pak Haji.

In addition to excessive fertility, the duration of intercourse can also affect both men and women. Pak Haji recommends having sex between 20 and 45 minutes, but warns not to last more than 1 hour.

“If it lasts more than an hour, the most common side effect is back pain. Even though it takes a long time, the physical condition of each individual must be maintained by consuming lots of vitamins, and that is the responsibility of each individual, not Pak Haji. The important thing is that there is a balance between the strength of the vital parts and general endurance,” said Pak Haji.

3 Types of Potions

Since opening his practice, Haji Ulloh admits that he has not received any complaints from patients regarding the results of his treatment. This is because the product uses natural ingredients. There are three types of concoctions that he gives to patients, namely herbs, drinks and food. For circulation, resources come from animals, while what we drink and eat comes from plants.

Because ingredients are a kitchen secret, he is reluctant to mention the types of plants used for his flagship product.

Haji Ulloh only said that every type of wood used grew in the forest around the city. “Even so, it should not be planted in the garden. Because performance will decrease, “he said. For size, Haji Ulloh has five types of artificial penis. Each has a different length, ranging from 17 centimeters to 22 centimeters. “Final size is not recommended for people who are well built. Ha-ha-ha,” said Pak Haji. Some patients also come with their wives. It is not new for their wives to participate in selecting their husbands who come for treatment.

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To undergo therapy, normally a therapy session only lasts once. There are only 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and one hour. “Two hours at most,” said Haji Ulloh.

Furthermore, the treatment is carried out by the patient at their respective homes armed with the three kinds of ingredients earlier.

Treatment time also varies. There are those who just need three days to complete, but there are also those who need up to 27 days.

Cost of treatment

The cost of treatment, which he usually calls a dowry, also varies depending on the type of complaint. Usually, the cost ranges from 44 – 230$

Haji Ulloh warns every patient who seeks treatment for him not to eat long purple eggplant, golden banana and betel nut that are still raw.

The abstinence is valid for life. If the patient violates it, the condition of the penis will return to how it was when it was not treated.

Haji Ulloh then showed a book containing a list of patients who had treated him.

It can be seen that the patients came from various regions in Indonesia, to foreign countries such as the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam.

Not infrequently Haji Ulloh visited the patient’s place. This applies if the person you want to treat is an official or a public figure who expects privacy.

Meanwhile, Haji Ulloh acknowledged that the ability to provide treatment did not come suddenly. Still recorded in his memory when the mandate came down from the late Mak Erot.

“At that time Pak Haji was 17 years old and still studying at the Islamic boarding school,” he recalls.

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“Suddenly Pak Haji was asked to come home because according to my mother I had been chosen to inherit his abilities.”

The procedure to follow is to implement the first 40 days trial. For the first thirty-three days, he fasted from morning until dawn. Others fast without eating or drinking for seven days and seven nights.

After that, penance is continued for 140 days and is divided into several parts; The first three days of fasting day and night, the fourth day until the 133rd day of fasting as usual. Nearing the end of the seven tirakat, fast again day and night.

Under difficult circumstances, only two of Mak Erot’s seven children succeeded in inheriting this domain. The other three are his grandchildren, including Haji Ulloh.

Although he admitted that he had appointed his eldest son as his successor, he admitted that he could not give up his rights. “Only if Pak Haji is 70 years old,” he said.

For patients who want or are interested in getting treatment, they can directly contact WhatsApp or the number below:

WA : 0821 – 2111 – 0278

Hp : 0821 _ 1444 – 4439

Or you can come directly to the address:

Tanah Tinggi, Jalan Purbaya No.5, Administration City of Central Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia

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