6 Drama Shin Ye Eun, Beautiful Talented Actress Made by JYPent

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Shin Ye Eun, a beautiful actress born in 1998, started her career as a model for the magazine College Tomorrow 840 in 2017. After that, she tried to act in 2018 with her first movie A – Teens. The success of her acting led Shin Ye Eun to more promising dramas, such as Revenge of Others and It’s Psychometric. Besides the movies mentioned above, there are many other movies starring Shin Ye Eun. To find out, see below.

1. Revenge of Others

Revenge of Others (2022)_

Shin Ye Eun plays the female lead in this drama. Her name is Ok Chan Mi, a girl who lives and grows up in an orphanage in Busan. Ok Chan Mi has a twin named Ok Chan Kyu.

Unlike Chan Mi’s fate, Chan Kyu is welcomed by a couple living in Seoul. Although he seemed to have a better fate than Chan Mi, in reality Chan Kyu died suddenly.

For a while, Chan Kyu thought he had killed himself. However, Chan Mi did not believe the news. Finally, Chan Mi goes to Seoul to uncover the cause of the twins’ death. While Chan Mi was studying in Seoul, she met a boy, Ji Soo-Heon. Although he seems like a normal college student in general, it turns out that Ji Soo-Heon has an amazing side job. What is that thing?

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2. He Is Psychometric

He Is Psychometric

In this drama, Shin Ye Eun competes with GOT7’s Jinyoung as the main female character named Yoo Jae In. In the movie He Is Psychometric, it is about a young man named Lee An (Jinyoung) who has special abilities.

He can know what happened to someone in the past just by touching them. With this ability, Lee An has a strong desire to investigate the criminal cases around her.

However, Lee An can’t do it alone, so this is where Yoo Jae In comes into Lee An’s life. Adoptive brother.

3. A-Teen Season 1

A-Teen 1_

Many people say that adolescence is the best time. Also, when you turn 18, you are considered free to do anything. However, this freedom certainly has its own caveats.

This is the premise of the movie A-Teen. As a young teenager, Do Ha Na (Shin Ye Eun) and her friends have been through a lot. Apart from engaging in serious romantic activities, they are also required to plan for the future. In all this, they still face difficulties. Can they all unlock successfully and overcome every difficulty? Watch the movie now to find out the story of Ha Na and her five other friends!

4. Meow, the Secret Boy

Meow, the Secret Boy

Being the main female character, this season Shin Ye Eun plays the role of a girl in her twenties named Sol Ah. Kim Sol Ah wants to be a webtoon writer. However, his dream is not an easy thing to achieve, just like his love story. She has a crush on a man named Lee Jae Sun. One day, Jae Sun asks Sol Ah to adopt his cat. Sol Ah doesn’t really like cats, but because Jae Sun asks, Sol Ah agrees.

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Eventually, the cat becomes Sol Ah’s pet just like Hong Jo. There was one thing Sol Ah didn’t know about Hong Jo. This is no ordinary cat, as Hong Jo can transform into a human. So what will it look like? Watch this movie, come on!

5. More Than Friends

More Than Friends

More Than Friends is a friendship movie. Here, Ye Eun plays Woo Yeon who is shown to be in love with her best friend, Lee Soo (Ong Seung Woo). Even though he professes his love, Woo Yeon has to swallow the bitterness of Woo Yeon’s rejection.

10 years have passed, past events do not separate two best friends, they continue to be together. Lee Soo’s refusal at the time didn’t erase Woo Yeon’s feelings for Lee Soo. Finally, Woo Yeon tries to show love again with the same result of being rejected. This second declaration of love upsets Woo Yeon so much that she decides to stop pursuing Lee Soo, treating him as just a friend. Many men have come and become Woo Yeon’s partner, but when she meets Joon Soo, something different happens to Woo Yeon. Also, Joon Soo’s presence makes Lee Soo hot. Among their problems, who will end up being Woo Yeon’s lover forever? You will find the answer in the movie, yes.

6. Flower Scholar’s Love Story

Flower Scholars' Love Story_

Also, Shin Ye Eun was cast as the main female character. In the drama titled Flower Scholar’s Love Story, she will play the youngest daughter named Yoon Dan Oh. Living a good life, Dan Oh must believe that he must be the backbone of the family now. Also read: 15 meanings of the dream of seeing a lizard according to Primbon and Islam

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To that end, Dan Oh works by managing a hostel called Ilhwawon Inn. While he is shopping, Dan Oh is visited by special guests. Of course, each of the guests has his own secrets and mysteries.

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